"Let them hate so long as they fear."

-- Lucius Accius (170-90 BC)

(Translation of the Latin on our Logo)

The above statement is true of the perceived attitude of a Technologist since they are the harbinger of change. This perception is based on the nature of beast, since no design, software or hardware is a one time or long term investment, but a series of short term, 2-5 year, investments. Any new technology is upgradeable for several years before it becomes dated/obsolete or "Legacy" and a new solution must be found.

Thus the complete system is always in a state of flux, which leads to problems. The typical customer has difficulty dealing with even slight changes, once used to a system whether physical or virtual, regardless of planning and information disseminated. The magic trick of any Techologist is to balance the security, performance, and usability of any system and, when modifications are needed, to ensure these are imperceptible to the end customer or that it improved their experience.

"Remember to pillage before you burn."

A false hood about upgrading is you need to start from ground zero. There are always elements whether they be concrete or ideas that can be salvaged from existing system. At ThugsRUs, we examine the existing setup, analyze the strengths and weaknesses before proposing anything. With this we gain the understanding of the project that many firms miss since they are just pushing a product.

"It takes a viking to raze a village."

The Technologist has many tasks. He must keep on top of where Technology is heading, know when it's stable, and determine the right time to make changes to something new. Then, they must communicate the meaning of the change to the customer. Given this thankless job, the Techologist usually ends up looking like the Thug, Ogre or Troll; hence, the perception becomes reality.

At ThugsRUs, we understand the nature of Technology and the perception of the Techologist. We strive to design solutions that are secure, scalable and upgradeable, but know when to say the cracks are too deep and no matter how much money you spend, this will not help this problem!! It is time for a new design, a new direction. At the same time we believe in the concept of the Jam Session which is free flow of ideas so that the solution is stronger but the customer is happier.